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Top article in 'read more' is not tappable on some devices
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Tested on 2.7.280-alpha-2019-05-14


  1. Navigate to an article
  2. Scroll down to the Read More section
  3. Tap the top article in Read More

Article opens

Nothing happens

Note - So far this is happening on Pixel 2 on Android 9 and Galaxy Tab 5 also on Android 9. It has not happened on HTC Vive on Android 6.

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I've attached screencaps below with specs for the device and app I tested in caps 1 and 2. Caps 3, 4, and 5 are my testing of the article - as seen in cap 5 still nothing is happening when the top article in Read More is tapped (Jennifer Aniston), it was so broken in my case that it left a grayscale fingerprint where I had tapped it.