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[Bug] enwiki LAPD article has truncated tables
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Steps to Reproduce

  2. Scroll to "Rank structure and insignia" section
  3. Observe tables in that section

Expected Results

Tables are complete, similar to

Actual Results

Tables are truncated - only the first few rows show


Occurs within the apps and on mobile web as well - might be further up the chain than page library but seems like the investigation can start here

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The table wikitext has height:200px, which is ineffective on a table, but then the mobile skin changes tables to display:block and that makes the height limit take effect. So probably a user error (can't imagine what they wanted with that height property), not sure why we are changing tables to display as blocks, though (something to do with collapsing?)

I think display:block has to do with collapsing and ensuring the table clears other content. @bearND or @Mhurd might have a better idea.

I added a PR to the page library that unsets the height where it's setting display:block. Seems like a similar fix could be made in the mobile skin.

Mhurd added a comment.May 22 2019, 9:14 PM

Hehe ya generally I don't understand why hardcoding table heights would ever be a good idea...

FWIW, display: block is used in several places of the CSS inheritance tree in this case, even in the inline style. The other places are mostly originating from MinervaNeue.

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@MSantos this should be fixed by - I should have marked this as resolved. Feel free to confirm that patch fixes the issue though.

@JoeWalsh maybe is not deployed yet, I'll confirm and sign off if everything is fine.

bearND added a comment.EditedJun 17 2019, 5:01 PM

It hasn't been deployed yet. Should be today, though.

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