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Add configuration to wikis with publish restrictions
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In T192144, configuration was added to allow restricting certain user groups from publishing to main namespace.
Some wikis have Abuse Filter rules in place to try achieving the same effect of restricting some subset of users from publishing to main namespace.

We can look into these Abuse Filter rules and put user group information in configuration files. Also, since we display issue card with information that publishing is not allowed into main namespace, there is a help link further explaining the restrictions, so we need to provide appropriate information page for each wiki where restrictions are put in place. Currently, the help link leads to English Wikipedia page, but that should be changed.

Here is the (incomplete) list of wikis that have restrictions with Abuse Filter rules (enwiki done in T217237):

WikiRestricted to user groupHelp link
Polish Wikipedia......
Kazakh Wikipedia......
Norwegian Wikipedia...Wikipedia:Innholdsoversettelse