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Wikidocumentaries @ WMhack
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Wikidocumentaries displays content from the Wikimedia projects and combines it with content from GLAMs. The next step is to make it a crowdsourcing platform for importing GLAM content and to enrich the existing information. The goal is to include also content that the users have made available, and intertwine that with the big cultural data. Eventually Wikidocumentaries will also host different tools for making stuff from the content.

Wikidocumentaries documentation wiki

Tasks to work on at a hackathon
If you need to install the development environment, you can find instruction here:

TaskLevelDev envTaskComponentsTagsPeople that have worked on this
Translate the interface to your languagesimpleno needT229765Languages@Nikerabbit
Create a footer to the pages with links to content sourcessimpleno needFooterOpen content@Susannaanas
Create a list of events for any Wikidata item for creating a timeline. Craft a SPARQL query that reads all the statements for an item that have dates as values and as qualifier values. Combine with statements from important linked items with dates as values (such as family members' birthdays or creation dates of works).mediumno needT282316Timeline (not in use now)SPARQL, timeline
Modify css to make the search bar suitable for mobilemediumyesT212579TopicSearchBoxVue, css@Abbe98
Improve map display for pointsmediumyesT261566Locations, SimilarVue, Mapbox GL JS, js, Maps@Planemad
Show multiple shapes on a mapmediumyesT261566Location and PartsMaps, Vue, Mapbox GL JS, js@TuukkaH
Wikimedia campaign banners for uploading images via WikidocumentariesmediumyesT262156BannerCampaigns, Wikidata, WLM, WLE, WLA, Vue@KCVelaga @Bodhisattwa
RTL supportchallengingyesT255530Allcss, js, Vue@Amire80
Wikimedia Oauth from WikidocumentarieschallengingyesT229746OAuth@MikkoRinne @Tgr and others
How to implement IIIF?challengingyesT281638ImageViewerIIIF, SDC
Create an SDC image componentchallengingyesT281637newSDC, SPARQL, Vue, js
Display different basemapschallengingyesT261569KarttaAPI, Mapbox GL JS@TuukkaH @Planemad
Improvements to current image APIschallengingyesT210300ImageViewer, TopicImages, rest.jsAPI, REST, parsing, mapping, Europeana, Wikimedia Commons@TuukkaH @MikkoRinne

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Thanks for participating in the Wikimedia Hackathon 2021! We hope you had a great time.

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