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Allow a logged-in MediaWiki user to choose for default desktop interface on a tablet
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I am quite happy with the desktop interface on an Android tablet.

I am also using a laptop for more complicated work.

But I am lost with the mobile interface, so I do not want to use it for writing/updating data. While it might be still usefull to quickly read data, however.

I have to always choose agfor the desktop interface for any .m. site while I am typing the standard URL. The browser does not give me any option to setmy preference permanently.

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This is not an Android app issue, but a mobile web issue. Changing the tagging.

On the desktop Chrome I have found the option to set the User agent string via "top left menu bar developer option". This deeply hidden option would allow me to test the mobile website behaviour on my desktop device. Which would be nice for debugging or simulation purposes.

For Opera on mobile I have found the setting Default user agent "desktop" which is exactly what I want. I needed to restart the browser once to effectively enable this option. So I will use Opera as of now as my standard browser on my tablet... I AM HAPPY.

I did not find (yet) the equivalent (reverse setting -> enforcing desktop mode) on my tablet for Chrome...