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Topic: edits should appear in Talk tab in Mobile Watchlist
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Topic: edits are currently included in the "Other" tab of the Watchlist in Mobile interface (together with project, help, template namespaces)
They should better appear in "Talk" tab (together with other talk namespaces)

User Story

The watchlist talk tab is a nice place to visit watched conversations. Unfortunately, it only lists pages in the main talk namespace and not in other talk namespaces such as user talk or help talk. The logic should be updated to check if a page is in any talk namespace.

Acceptance Criteria

  • The talk tab shows pages from all talk namespaces
  • The other tab doesn't show pages from any talk namespace. For example, in the current implementation, help talk pages are shown:

Developer notes

SpecialMobileWatchlist::getNSConditions is where the magic happens

Defined like so:

			case 'articles':
				// @fixme content namespaces
				// Has to be unquoted or MySQL will filesort for wl_namespace
				$conds[] = "$column = 0";
			case 'talk':
				// check project talk, user talk and talk pages
				$conds[] = "$column IN (1, 3, 5)";
			case 'other':
				// @fixme
				$conds[] = "$column NOT IN (0, 1, 3, 5)";

We'll either need to change those numbers in other or talk to match all talk page namespaces or say column is odd number and column is not 0 for talk (the opposite for other).

The MWNamespace::getTalkNamespaces() function is probably what we are looking for here. 'articles' can remain hard coded.

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geraki created this task.May 17 2019, 11:20 AM
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@geraki can you clarify which types of edits you're referring to?

Posts/edits in Topic namespace. And now I see that Help_talk: namespace is also not in Talk tab. Maybe all Structured discussion pages?

@geraki thanks, I think I understand, and I agree with you. If you watch a topic, within a talk page, the updates to that topic do not appear on your watchlist (but they should).

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It appears that a simple way to fix this would be to add 2600 (the ID of the Topic namespace) to the 1, 3, 5 list in the code snippet quoted in the task description.

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@Catrope yup that would definitely be the short cut, but might be worth adding all talk pages. Is your team interesting in taking this on (I'm more than happy to review! :D)?

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Possible duplicate of T220889.

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@Jdlrobson do people really need to see Topic: edits in simplified mobile frontend watchlist? Core watchlist is available in AMC mode. Those who want these features should use AMC mode instead.

As we've seen the two interfaces are equally useful. (For example I prefer the non-AMC one). It's not a priority, but given this is so trivial to fix a patch is welcome.