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Allow individual review of files that don't yet match the license requirements
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As of now, FileImporter blocks files that are not marked with a license that is allowed on Commons. However, in some cases it's still legally fine to transfer such files to Commons – after individual review and then marking them with the appropriate license. Logos are mentioned as an example.

What currently blocks this workflow is the fact the source wiki does not have a compatible license template. It only exists on Commons, and can only be added during or after the file was transfered.

The main open question, among others, is: How to make sure an "individual review" really happened, and not every incompatible file is moved to Commons? Can this be solved by checking the license after the user had a chance to edit the file description page? Do we need another config for licenses (the ones that only exist on the target wiki) to do this? Basically, this proposed workflow needs a proper UX design, to not mess with the currently designed workflow.

This was originally requested as part of T146751, but split off. Please note the user comment T146751#4393455.

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I think the easiest to configure would be to check if the edited description page gets categorized into Category:Files with no machine-readable license (which is the “red light”). Maybe this functionality can also be restricted based on user groups on the target wiki (e.g. only available for autopatrolled users, i.e. users who currently have autopatrol right, though probably using a new user right assigned to these groups).

When I meet this problem I usually edit the local file page and add the template I want the file to have on Commons and edit the configuration to accept this template.

FileImporter does not care if the template actually exist locally. As long as the template is listed as "Good" the transfer can be done.

There is no way to make sure users do not make bad transfers. If I want I can just add {{GFDL}} to a bad file and then FileImporter will gladly move the file.

I would not make the code more complicated just to fix this problem. If a wiki have many files with this problem then there must be another solution to fix it. For example add a text in the template saying "If you have verified that this file can be moved to Commons then remove this template and replace it with {{Foo}}".