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In doesn't move pages with c/g/h/j/s/u + x
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Author: michael.moroni

I didn't see any duplicate. If so, I'm sorry!
I tried to move [[Tux]] from (I wanted to move it to [[Tukso]]) →ĝon/Tux
When I do it, it shows an error page because it seems like that there is a bug in the plugin installed in which permits inserting special (example: if I type cx, it shows ĉ. If I type cxx, it shows cx. If I type cxxx it shows ĉx and so on with g, s, h, u and j). So Special:Move thinks that the page is Tŭ (Tux → Tŭ =ĝon/Tuxĝon/Tŭ).

If you need more infos, tell me!

  • Airon90

Version: 1.16.x
Severity: enhancement
OS: Linux
Platform: PC



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This no longer converts x-coded strings in the move target box (wpNewTitle). :(

That should still be using getText() to do input conversion, but should also pre-fill the input box with the output-encoded name as is done for the page edit box.

So starting from the page 'Ĉinio' the box should say 'Cxinio', which'll read back in as 'Ĉinio'. If you started from the page 'Dolcxamar' it'll start showing the value 'Dolcxxamar' which'll get read back in as 'Dolcxamar'. This will cleanly round-trip text through the form while allowing the same input conversion we do elsewhere.