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local-charts: Document Windows recommendations and notes
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I was in the wrong room during but overheard that it was not tested on Windows yet. I think I got it running over here and wrote a log of the steps and tools I used. It would be great to meet up with someone from the releng team on Saturday to test my local setup. If it is found to be working I would add the docs under

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Let's meet to talk about it! :) I'll be around

Hi Phaebz, thanks for testing out the windows install! How is the documentation going?

@jeena I could not find time to get back to this. IIRC, I got stuck with bin/ and permissions being handled differently on Windows.

Let me know whether this is relevant for anyone and I will look into my old notes - but I think upstream changed as well so one would most likely need to start over anyways. So I am off of this and can be closed as far as I am concerned.