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Make visual editor the default editor for redlinks at euwiki
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Currently when we click on a redlink it goes, by default, to the old wikicode editor. For newbies this is quite strange, specially when they click on their Sandbox redlink.

We should make it behave just the opposite way, making the VisualEditor the default one.

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The issue here is that we have to assume that action=edit is wikitext, as the main edit links use this to open source mode, as opposed to veaction=edit for visualeditor.

Unfortunately redlinks can't have two links, but I think it would be okay for us to detect redlink=1 and use getLastEditor in these cases. We should also ensure than the user-default editor preference is set to 'visualeditor' on two-tab wikis, so that getLastEditor falls back to VE if no editor has ever been opened.

matmarex moved this task from To Triage to External and Administrivia on the VisualEditor board.

We're developing this on task T223793 and will come back here once that is done to verify that it works with euwiki's configuration.

Would it be possible to have something &forceeditor=ve in links? Simple way to have VE first, and, if VE is not available it fallbacks to wikitext editor. That would help a lot wikis that try to push VE as the default editor for newcomers in Documentation, templates, etc. Typically when creating a sandbox.

@Trizek-WMF the approach we have taken will basically do the same thing. On wikis with both edit tabs, redlinks will open in VE for new users, or anyone who's last editor was VE.

I see the subtask resolved but it seems tha the red links still point to the wikieditor in euwiki. Is it a different issue?

I see the subtask resolved but it seems tha the red links still point to the wikieditor in euwiki. Is it a different issue?

@Theklan, thank you for saying something. I've reopened T223793. I'm now seeing I had closed the issue without it having gone through QA.

With this said, I am not seeing red links pointing to the wikitext editor on – are you able to share links that are triggering this behavior?

For context, I've tried clicking the following red links, all of which opened the VisualEditor:

Have you tried to do it without logging in or being a new editor? Without logging it, it points to wikitext editor.

It works as expected for me as well. Is it possible that you have VE disabled in preferences, or that your browser can't run VisualEditor (e.g. because you disabled JavaScript)?

Recordings of me using a red link, from my normal account and when logged out:

I think that this is solved, isn't it?

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I think so!