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CI runs same tests twice
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See screenshot:

Screenshot 2019-05-18 17:12:32.png (661×816 px, 144 KB)

For 511001 it runs tests twice. Test pipeline and Gate-and-submit. Gate-and-submit should have priority and when someone set +2 on patch while CI runs tests, it should abort it and start only Gate-and-submit.

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Pausing the test pipeline whilst gate-and-submit runs, and re-using the results from gate-and-submit, would be very complicated and not save much.

T105474 is to prevent patches that got a CR+2 from being added to test. So that is really similar.

I have identified a bunch of issues in doing so. But that needs a lot more though to define all the behavior, then write tests and finally figure out the implementation.

For now, lets consider this is just a dupe of T105474