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Render images (and other non-text data) in the table view of query results
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Right now if I select an image as one of the fields selected for display on a SPARQL query in the Wikidata Query Service, the default result view (the table view) only shows a link to the image page. I think it would be more intuitive for images to be rendered within the table cells, along with the remaining data.

The image grid view is too focused on showcasing primarily the images -- the arrangement stops being regular, which makes it hard to view the non-image fields of the results since they're not aligned, the text fields are quite small compared to the images; and there's no indication of what value corresponds to what field (unlike the table which has headers).

A middle ground would work better to display non-text data while preserving the tabular format, and not prioritizing one of the result fields over the others. Perhaps, to preserve the current functionality of the table view, a new "rich table" view could be added, that includes rendering for images, geocoordinates, musical notation, geographic shapes, etc.

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