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"Everything" tab in codesearch does not search any extension any more
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Somehow the list of repos under "Everything" does not list any extension any more, and does not find much any more because of this. We learned to rely on this quite heavily. I'm afraid this will make people think code is unused, when it is.

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Fixed by just restarting the hound process. I'm not exactly sure why they disappeared, my best guess is that for some reason ExtensionDistributor returned an empy list of extensions (e.g. because Gerrit was down), then codesearch copied that and suddenly had no extensions.

It seems it's broken again.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2019-06-06T18:15:29Z] <legoktm> force updated config and doing a rolling restart (T223771)

Change 514846 had a related patch set uploaded (by Legoktm; owner: Legoktm):
[labs/codesearch@master] Don't write config if we know we're missing extensions

Change 514846 merged by jenkins-bot:
[labs/codesearch@master] Don't write config if we know we're missing extensions

The bandaid that's in place should be good enough to prevent codesearch users from seeing any problems, though we do need to properly fix the ED API.