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Extend #time parser function to display time in format specific to each language
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Parser function #time is able to show dates in different languages by translating month, etc. However each language prefers dates to be displayed in in a different format / order and that part is not handled at the moment by that function. That niche is filled on Commons by Module:DateI18n used on 50M pages and which was transplanted to many other projects, see Q56528363 . The capabilities of that module should be moved to #time parser function (or to some new parser function, if more convenient), since it is a basic functionality, which should be handled by MediaWiki software uniformly on all the wikis instead of local clone of a module.

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Pols12 subscribed.

Added I18n since this is an issue when localizing global messages (central notices, tech news, etc.), but I don’t think it is a real code internationalization issue since there is Language::userTimeAndDate() which solves it in code.