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Create Wikidata autocomplete gadget for external entities
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When creating a new Wikidata entity, it would be handy if you could easily add authority IDs by searching external services directly from the Wikidata editing interface. I'm experimenting with an autocomplete gadget for external entities that works in the same way as autocomplete for internal entities, but hitting external search endpoints instead of the internal one.

Not all authority registers have search endpoints, and some that do are perhaps too slow to be usable, but I will start with a few easy ones (VIAF, GeoNames, …).

To help disambiguating similar entities, it should be possible to ctrl/command-click a menu element to open the external entity in a new tab, based on the formatter URL template.

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Pintoch added a subscriber: Pintoch.

That's great! Is there a list of the supported external ids?

@Abbe98 something for Property:P1260 Swedish Open Cultural Heritage URI?

@Salgo60 there is a SOCH REST instance on tool labs for use on Wikimedia projects if you would like to implement something like this.

Ok @Abbe98 no problems with keys etc... any examples are welcome for a slow brain like mine,....

I feel this is a perfect match for personal archives from Riksarkivet see T225281: Create autcomplete/lookup for Swedish National Archives