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Bring Bene's sparql tool back to life
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@Bene's "sparql" tool used to be available at, but it's currently down. In addition, the source doesn't seem to be available in any public repository. It should be revived or taken over by new maintainers.

Note: This task was part of the "Improving Visual SPARQL Query builders" project, carried out during the Wikimedia Hackathon 2019. Project poster:

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The tool's code has been recovered with @Chicocvenancio's help, and put into a github repository at, to which @Jakob_WMDE has write access.

GitHub allows hosting the site using its GitHub Pages feature, so for now the tool can be used at

If @Bene agrees, I could transfer the repository to his github account, assuming @Jakob_WMDE and remain as co-maintainers, and then we could be added to the tool as maintainers. Otherwise, we should consider other options.

Instead of bringing a number of tools back I'd prefer we bundle our energy and put the necessary time into developing one query builder that's integrated in and maintained. That's on the roadmap for this year.

@Lydia_Pintscher agreed. The reason I wanted these tools to be live was to allow them to be experimented on, and allow identifying the good design choices and UX patterns, to help build the default builder. T223852 was about precisely identifying these tools and listing them in an accessible location, and T223853 was about doing some preliminary UX testing work (it can be reopened if there are plans to expand that work further — /cc @Charlie_WMDE).

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Ok cool. That makes sense :)
So should we close this then?

So should we close this then?

I was hoping we could get the repository into a more stable state; right now it is a fork. @Jakob_WMDE said that @Bene is still reachable, so perhaps he could ask him about having the repo transferred to his account, and Jakob and I kept as maintainers both on GitHub and Toolforge, so that the repo becomes canonical but he doesn't need to bother with supporting the tool himself. What do you say, @Jakob_WMDE?