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pywikibot.Link._cmpkey ignores section
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Currently a pywikibot.Link._cmpkey() returns (, self.namespace, self.title). The documentation however states that section must also be the same for equality.

Either the docstring or the return value should be updated. Adding section would however be a breaking change.

This was one of the @TODOs from gerrit:442168


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Lokal_Profil renamed this task from pywikibot.Link _cmpkey ignores section to pywikibot.Link._cmpkey ignores section.May 20 2019, 11:06 AM

Change 511399 had a related patch set uploaded (by Lokal Profil; owner: Lokal Profil):
[pywikibot/core@master] Removing @TODOs

Change 511399 merged by jenkins-bot:
[pywikibot/core@master] Removing @TODOs