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Information about finished campaigns should be accessible in Wikilabels
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Description<wiki>/<campaign id> shows which users' contribution an active campaign is based on, but once the campaign is finished, this information seems to disappear. It should stay available in perpetuity, both for AI transparency and for practical considerations such as T223882#5197556.

E.g. (compare with which does work)


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Agreed. This should be easy. "archived" campaigns are still relevant.

Harej triaged this task as Medium priority.Jun 4 2019, 9:08 PM
Harej moved this task from Unsorted to Maintenance/cleanup on the Machine-Learning-Team board.

Also, while the /campaigns/ endpoint does work for archived campaigns, they are not listed at<wiki> (or the GUI) so pretty much undiscoverable.<wiki>?all=true will show them. But that's still less desirable. We should have a good UI for this. Maybe we can add a switch to the top of<wiki> for showing all campaigns.