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Edit summary entity links using namespace aliases are not formatted using label
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When an edit summary is formatted, Wikibase replaces links to entities with their label in the user language: for example, [[Property:P31]] turns into instance of (P31). However, this doesn’t seem to happen for links that use a namespace alias – [[P:P31]] just becomes P:P31. (This test revision has both cases in the summary.) It would be convenient if those links were also formatted using the label.

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It looks like this happens in this condition in HtmlPageLinkRendererBeginHookHandler::doHtmlPageLinkRendererBegin:

// if custom link text is given, there is no point in overwriting it
// but not if it is similar to the plain title
if ( $text !== null && $target->getFullText() !== HtmlArmor::getHtml( $text ) ) {
	return true;

$target->getFullText() is Property:P31, but HtmlArmor::getHtml( $text ) is P:P31. So we think the user has set some custom text that we don’t want to override.

Looking at the $target object (a Title) in the debugger, I don’t see any trace of the original namespace in there, so I think the price to pay for this feature will be that even [[Property:P31|P:P31]] will be formatted just like [[Property:P31]] or [[P:P31]], ignoring the custom text the user specified. I suppose that’s acceptable, though.

So I think the way to fix this will be to refine that condition – perhaps instead of comparing the title’s text with the link text, parse the link text back into a title and see if it’s the same as the title?