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Wikidata Tours: User can reach a step where the tour popup needs to attach to an element which is not visible
Open, Needs TriagePublic5 Story Points


If you use only the "next" arrow to get to the next tour window, then you can reach later steps without having actually completed the task in each instruction window.
If the skipped task was needed in order to show an element on screen for the next step, then the instruction window will default to the middle of the screen as the element it needs to attach to is not visible
Steps to reproduce:

  • Load this tour -
  • On Step 6 "Add Qualifiers", do not complete the instruction to click on the "edit" button. Instead just click the "next" arrow.
  • On step 7, you can see that the tour popup is just in the centre of the screen. It is trying to attach to the "Add qualifier" button, but this is not visible because the "edit" section was not been opened in Step 6.

Expected behaviour:

  • Clicking next should trigger the behaviour of clicking "Add Qualifiers"

Acceptance criteria:

  • Pop up of the step 7 is attached to Add qualifier button, regardless of whether the Tour participant has click it or has just clicked "next" arrow on the previous step of the tour.