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Do not display hidden categories
Open, Needs TriagePublicBug


Steps to Reproduce:
Am on a campaign (
Get this image displayed :ß-Brück_%26_Sohn_Kunstverlag.jpg

I look at "categories" area. I notice the cc0 category. On the commons page, it is a hidden category

Actual Results:
Displays a hidden category

Expected Results:
Should probably not display hidden categories (unless there is a good argument in favor ?)

Event Timeline

Anthere created this task.Tue, May 21, 1:13 PM
Eugene233 moved this task from Backlog to Incoming Bugs on the ISA board.Tue, May 21, 8:27 PM

@NavinoEvans What do you think about this?

Anthere renamed this task from Display of hidden categories to Do not display hidden categories.Tue, Jun 11, 3:50 PM