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Using Civi Mail function in all activity types
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Is there a way that we could have the option to use the civi mail function for any type of activity we create?

EXAMPLE- Danny sends emails to donors asking them if they want to be listed on the benefactor page. Right now that activity is logged as EMAIL because that is the only type you can select when sending an email through civi.

For tracking purposes it would be greatly beneficial if we could create an activity (maybe titled Benefactor Email) and have the option to send an email within that activity.

Event Timeline

I kinda want to go back a step on this one & think about the overall UI - I feel like we are trying to create tasks to store data in ways the work with existing screens but utilising threading off the parent_id field or exposing other data might be an easier and more satisfying task. Perhaps we could do a spike on the big picture requirement before the details