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Mechanism to allow a campaign admin to add help text for pre-selected statements
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For example, say it's a wiki-loves-ireland campaign, and there's a "pre-selected statement" which is "Location=Ireland".

The campaign admin doesn't want the user to just leave the location as "Ireland", rather this is just a suggestion, and the admin should have a way to add help text saying, for example, "Please enter a more detailed location"

We'll need some design input on this before we implement it, also @egardner has suggested that maybe "pre-selected statements" ought to look a little different from normal ones.

Design input can happen now, but engineering implementation will need to come after T224141, T224142, T224143

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I've thought of two simple options:

The info icon, since we're not using that on UW

  • Pluses - could have custom messages per statement if needed, and it's nice & tidy
  • Minuses - might not be noticeable enough

The message box we already use (for CC0 on UW, for example)

  • Pluses - very noticeable, and wouldn't be too messy if we used just one at the top
  • Minuses - if more than one message is needed (say, one per pre-selected statement) it could get messy; even just one additional message box besides the CC0 one might be too much

Here's a quick+dirty mock with my assumption that there is one standard message for each notification, but one idea could be a custom message in the info icon popover if that's a need.

@Ramsey-WMF has mentioned a third option in conversation - overriding the help text for each, and we can discuss that too as far as how that might work.

Could we design a treatment for "suggested statements" that could work both for campaigns and for the hypothetical use-case where machine-generated suggestions are shown right on the file page? I know such a feature is not currently planned, but it seems like it may be something we consider eventually.

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@egardner I like that idea, but it feels out of scope for now. I'd like to roll this use case into our UI consolidation for statements though, so I'm sticking a pin in it for later discussion/iteration.

Per our team chat today, we're going with customizable "second-story" text above each statement. The mock below demonstrates how that'd work. Pre-selected values can be included as well, if I'm understanding the need correctly. Please ignore the previous mock as it's out of date now.

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