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Create a gadget to ease the creation of everything needed for a temporary exhibition
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When entering data and media from a temporary exhibition of a museum, we need to create a Wikidata item and a Wikimedia Commons category for it. This process is a bit strenous but is everytime the same and can be easily automated through a gagdet that provides an easy form similar to the skating competitions creation helper I made for @Harmonia_Amanda.

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(The Hackathon is in the past, hence removing the project tag.)

Is there any project tag this task should have here in Phab, so others could find it when looking for tasks related to a certain project?

If needed you can put it on the Wikistorm project board: the board for the upcoming Wiki techstorm in November in The Netherlands until you find better suiting project

Ecritures triaged this task as Medium priority.
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This open task is tagged with Wiki-Techstorm-2019 which took place a while ago. Tasks shouldn't be lingering - Please either set the status of this task to resolved/declined, or add an active project tag so this task can be found when looking at an active (not: 2019) project - thanks a lot!

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@Aklapper I would like to place it under Wiki-Techstorm-2021, but I see that project has not been created yet.

@Ecritures: would you mind answering to the question posed in ?