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Several of the skins use the PDF icon when links to PDF files are in the content.

The PDF icon is however a non-free icon,, and thus should probably not be used and shipped in the mediawiki software. A free alternative to the icon has been developed,, but in my opinion, the icon will be more confusing than useful to the readers atm, due to lack of recognizability.

A more generic icon might be the best choice for the immediate future.

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We should perhaps switch to using icons from the Gnome Desktop icons - which we (the Wikipedia Usability Initiative) have been using for the new wiki editing tools.

PDFs could be shown as a document icon.

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Marking as INVALID.

The PDF icon you are referring to - the one appearing at the end of *.pdf links - was added in Mediawiki:Common.css by the enwiki community (look at the section beginning '#content a[href$=".pdf"].external' ...). The Monobook default for PDFs is a generic document icon and that PDF icon is not included with the Mediawiki software.

Beyond that, concerns about the icon should be resolved at enwiki Mediawiki_talk:Common.css or other community pages.

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