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IABot doesn't work on the page „de:Bernard Weber“
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I've tried to use the tool "IABot" ( to correct the external link in that article. After it didn't work, I tried to edit the URL data, but it didn't work because the bot has never read this URL. Is this because the bot has to mouch jobs queued?

  1. Check the article de:Bernard Weber
  2. NO links have been corrected
  3. try to set the URL type of to Death
  4. You can't acces the URL data because the link hasn't been read in the past.

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Cirdan closed this task as Invalid.May 26 2019, 9:05 AM
Cirdan added a subscriber: Cirdan.

IABot only edits links in references. The link you tried to have fixed is part of the main article text.

I guess the bot will eventually learn about all URLs, both in references and in the article text, but it will take some time.

I'm sorry. I've forgotten this :-(