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Extra tab is prepended to quoted fields in TSV output format
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For example, when I download the results of this query:

I get:

"	rev_id"	"	rev_timestamp"	"	page_id"	"	page_title"	"	user_id"	"	actor_name"	"	user_registration"	"	ug_group"	"	archived"
3051580	"	20160917041145"	152080	"	$"	36077	"	Koavf"	"	20121111063553"		0
3151740	"	20170217015742"	154584	"	'''Swiss_German'''"	74811	"	Andrewssi2"

Note that a tab appears in the beginning of quoted values. This whitespace should not be there.

I would expect something that looks like this:

"rev_id"	"rev_timestamp"	"page_id"	"page_title"	"user_id"	"actor_name"	"user_registration"	"ug_group"	"archived"
3051580	"20160917041145"	152080	"$"	36077	"Koavf"	"20121111063553"		0
3151740	"20170217015742"	154584	"'''Swiss_German'''"	74811	"Andrewssi2"

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Looks like this affects the CSV writer too.

This is from T209226: Quarry can be affected by CSV Injection. It's not supposed to hit every line. I'm looking into it.

Change 512420 had a related patch set uploaded (by Zhuyifei1999; owner: Zhuyifei1999):
[analytics/quarry/web@master] Fix logic error in _inner_csv_injection_escape

Change 512420 merged by jenkins-bot:
[analytics/quarry/web@master] Fix logic error in _inner_csv_injection_escape

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Thanks for the report.