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It's possible to save a statement with duplicate references
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new statement (eg. in a sandbox) and add the same reference twice (example, another one: T220131).

Expected result:

  • This is not allowed.

Actual result:

  • Edits are sometimes allowed but sometimes not (T224283).

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I am not sure at which point we can prohibit this. Because I assume we wouldn't want to prevent someone from entering two references, starting both with the same snaks and only then adding the differentiating snaks.

I think it should be prevented in any case. More precisely, I think we should prevent adding exactly equal references and also adding references which present the same parts in a different order, and afterwards we should send a cleaning-bot.

I add an example:

  1. I added one reference
  2. then I added the same reference, only changing the order of its parts: it worked (
  3. then I added the same reference, exactly equal to its first configuration: it worked (

Both the second and the third case should not work.