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Renaming WAV/FLAC file on Wikimedia Commons makes file unplayable
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Moving a FLAC or WAV file on Wikimedia Commons to a new file name causes the player to disappear unless the file is re-uploaded.

Steps to reproduce:

1.) Go here:,_performed_by_the_U.S._Navy_Band.wav
2.) The file was recently moved; notice how the media player is not showing up in the usual spots as a result.

This happens on Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome and in Incognito Mode as well.

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I've confirmed the page to not have a player. There was no network error or JavaScript error to see. It seems the transcoded Ogg and Mp3 versions got lost on move? The transcode status shows no transcodes exist, and don't appear to be in progress of being created, either.

Purging the title did not resolve the issue.

Going in manually to reset each individual transcode format (at the bottom of the page) made it work for me, though. And the example file linked by @Laqueesha now works.

However, this was just for that one file. Other files are likely still broken, and new files continue to get broken post-rename without recovery on their own.

Laqueesha added a comment.EditedMay 26 2019, 6:24 PM

Can confirm the example page works now. I tried the reset method on another similar file and it too resolved the problem. Unfortunately, this will have to be done each time the file is moved and on all such files having this problem, unless some automatic and retroactive fix is come up with.