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move_project script does not check if task is in both future parent and future subproject and does not remove future parent project
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Followup from T221112:

In T195855#5190491, the command created data inconsistency.

For example, T57111 was in both #Pywikibot-other-scripts and or T57020 was in both #Pywikibot-other-scripts and The script does not check if a task is in both the future parent and the future subproject, to remove the future parent project when turning a project into a subproject.
Affected tasks were:,105581,57111,57020,167709,85334,117176,57048

A task cannot be in both a parent project and a subproject of the same parent project, so tasks like have invalid associated project data now.

I think there's currently nothing else left for me here? :)

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This is unfortunately sort of expected due to the nature of moving projects around. How would you propose to resolve it?

Aklapper triaged this task as Lowest priority.EditedJun 2 2019, 12:27 PM

Not sure if it's worth to resolve, could end up as declined. Filed this more for the sake of potentially documenting this issue, and as it creates a DB inconsistency.

Would probably require adding a query to for all tasks both associated to the project to be converted to a subtasks && associated to the project to become the new parent.
Could print a warning only, or offer to remove that new parent project before running the conversion, or such.

Urbanecm removed the point value for this task.Aug 31 2019, 11:27 PM

Will be declined once we remove this broken script in T342275