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RevDelete on revisions related to page moves should show checkboxes to also act upon relevant log entries
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A lot of the time RevisionDelete is used for page revisions related to page moves. One have to action RevDel on the page revision, and then separately click through to the logs and revDel the log entries there, if those are issues too.

Requested: If a RevDel action relates to something like a page move, where there will be a related log entry, then the user is given the option to show/hide/suppress the relevant log entry fields for the page move at the same time (target page, user, reason fields).

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Severity: enhancement



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The null edit and the log entry are not linked in the DB, so this isn't really possible now.

The log_seach could populate "null_revision"->rev ID->log ID and the log ID -> "null_revision" -> rev IDs relationships though. wrote:

cf bug17053

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