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Make RESTBase take full request template for Parsoid requests
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We need to be able to configure the whole request from RESTBase to Parsoid in order to provide a Host header when Parsoid API would live in Mediawiki. In order to achieve that we need to provide a full request template in the configuration instead of just the parsoid host.

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We can also just add the header, since it is ignored by Parsoid/JS any way

Yes, but the paths are probably gonna be different as well..

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I guess this is working if Parsoid/PHP is in production.

I thought Parsoid/PHP is not using RESTBase?

IIRC, the current stage is to have Parsoid/PHP implement the same internal endpoints that are implemented by Parsoid/JS so it can be tested as a drop-in replacement. As Parsoid/JS is currently "behind" RESTBase, Parsoid/PHP will be too.

Once we've gotten Parsoid/PHP to the point where we can end the parallel maintenance of Parsoid/JS, we can start changing things further.