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WD within WP watchlists: Allow hiding new language versions of articles
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As Wikipedians, we need the ability to see ONLY changes to WikiData elements used within Wikipedia articles within our Wikipedia watchlists.

Amir has made great progress towards this goal here T90436: Improve usage tracking granularity to avoid irrelevant changes showing in the watchlist. with only a few steps left to complete it. One is

  1. Make it optionally whether new language versions of articles appear in the watchlist

    m D 09:58 Color blindness‎ (Q133696) (diff | hist) . . Lorem Ipsum (talk | contribs) (Language link changed from it:Daltonismo toit:Discromatopsia)

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Sure. From what I understand I have there agreement @Aklapper

I agreed to work on it but I would like to keep these tickets unassigned to me in order to avoid "licking the cookie". i.e. if someone beats me to do it, I don't want to block them. I might not be able to get to it any time soon.

@Lydia_Pintscher Do you think we can absorb this and T224533: WD within WP watchlists: Allow hiding changes to descriptions used in other languages into Wikidata-Campsite ? Can you take a look? For this one, adding a change tag when injecting RC record should be enough. It's not that hard (the InjectRCRecordsJob uses EntityChange which is pretty agnostic to what type of change it is).

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Thanks for filing the ticket. As a next step we need to figure out how to expose this preference from a UX/UI side.
@Charlie_WMDE do you have any input? Or someone else working on the new watchlist?

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Marking external as we’ve done for T224533