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Disable for links to Advance Search Help page for 3rd party users
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We started to get questions about advanced search that are not related to the extension and seem to come from 3rd party wikis. See this for example:

I suspect that some 3rd party sites installed Advance Search and we have somewhere a link to our discussion page hardcoded that people misunderstand as the help page about the search of the corresponding wiki.

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That antipattern was also the case in T188729 for the "Something went wrong" dialog in MultimediaViewer linking to Wikimedia Phabricator, or in T209335 the general "Help" sidebar item in all MediaWiki installations linking to the's Support Desk.

However, in AdvancedSearch, there seems to be no such link?:

$:acko\> grep -r Extension:AdvancedSearch .
./ [AdvancedSearch extension]( enhances
./extension.json:	"url": "",
./i18n/qqq.json:	"advancedsearch-desc": "{{desc|name=AdvancedSearch|url=}}",
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A research by the WMDE-TechWish came to the same result as @Aklapper. Hence closing this ticket