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Decide next steps for Section Editing (mobile)
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This tasks represents the work involved with deciding whether to turn mobile Section Editing for all registered contributors. Currently it is only live for 50%. See T218851 for more details.


Completing this tasks depends on this being completed: T223302: Check on Section Editing A/B test results


  • Decide whether to turn mobile Section Editing on for all registered contributors

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ppelberg added a subscriber: mpopov.

Okay, here are the daily user counts, VE session counts, sessions/user rates, and edit completion (success) rates:

section-editing-daily.png (1×1 px, 232 KB)

Key takeaways from the analysis:

  • No clear change in sessions/user
    • The average number of sessions per user was 1.94 in the control group and 1.948 in the treatment group; this change was not statistically significant
    • We're good to keep section editing on without worrying that it may negatively impact this metric
  • Clear improvement in completion rate
    • There was statistically significant (p-value = 0.034) improvement of 0.98% (in probability of completion) on average
    • This roughly translates to 1 more completed VE edit for every 100 started if section editing is enabled than if it's not; or, viewed in another way, 1 fewer abandoned VE edit for every 100 started

@ppelberg: My analysis of the data suggests that we should do a full rollout of section editing on mobile VE :D

We will be turning off the A/B test and rolling out Section Editing to all mobile VE today. See: T225645#5259886