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Feature request: "approved" flag on an article version, that excludes that version and previous edits from the watchlist
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Regular Wikipedia editor here.

When going through my watchlist, I see no way of telling whether I have already checked an entry or not. The date does not tell me that, since I cannot check every article that shows up in my watchlist every time I look at it.

It would be nice to have a way to explicitly mark one version of each article as "approved", meaning that *I* have checked it and have no objection to all edits up to that version.

Those flags would not be public, but would allow pruning my watchlist so that only edits made after my "approved" version would show in it.

The "approve current version" button should be displayed on the article page and on its history page. For example, it could be a green tick-mark button next to the "watch" star button.

The "approved" version of the article should also be flagged somehow in the article's history page, e.g. with a green tick-mark at the left margin, or with a green text background.

Then, in order to check an entry of my watchlist, I could go to the article history page, use the "compare versions" tool to verify the edits since my previously approved version, and, if I have no objection to the edits, I would click the "approve" button right there, without even looking at the article itself. The current version would then become my "approved" version, and that article would not show up in my watchlist until it is edited again by someone else.

Editing an article should automatically make the saved version my "approved" version.

The "approve" button should be displayed also when looking at a non-current version of an article. Then, for example, if 10 edits have been made since my last visit, I could approve the first 5, but leave the rest "not approved". The article would then continue to show up in my watchlist, until I get around to fixing those edits and approving the result.

The "approved version" information would be stored in the system in the same place that stores the "wacthed" flag. It is one version ID for each article and each registered editor. The number of "approved" versions per user may be subjected to the same limits (say 5000 articles) as the "watched" articles per user.

The "approved version" field may also be restricted to the user's "watched" articles. In this case, un-watching and re-watching an article would reset its "approved" flag to the current version.