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Debian mirror in sync with upstream
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/srv/mirrors/debian is over 14 hours old.

Some troubleshooting has been started by @Dzahn

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ayounsi created this task.

The Debian mirror sync uses ftpsync, unlike the Ubuntu mirror sync. So you won't find a puppetized cron and rsync like you do for Ubuntu.

The relevant config is /etc/ftpsync/ftpsync.conf

The logs are /var/log/ftpsync.

upstream docs say "" A minimum of 4 updates per 24 hours will ensure that your mirror is a true reflection of the archive. "" and ""Note that if your site is being triggered with a push mechanism, then you don't need to worry about any of this."".

In our logs i see " ftpsync[14207]: We got pushed from 2001:4f8:1:c::16". So it's being pushed to us.

The last log still ended with "Back from rsync with returncode 0". But pushing apparently stopped.

The email address to contact for issues is Will send a quick mail.

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One datapoint is that we are still getting updates. I checked and saw there are new entries to the repo from today, mirrored by us.

An email sent by Daniel on May 31 received a reply showing that updates were happening and being logged on debian's side.

Icinga current shows 'over 4 hours old' which is just fine. Closing.