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Allow to filter by Gerrit label 'code review' in the frontend
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Probably means splitting NEW in the screenshot below into Open && CR0 (Unreviewed), Open && CR+1, Open && CR-1, Open && CR-2, and maybe Open && CR+2. Also wondering if the separate Verified label should be ignored or not, because you may not want to review a CR0 && V-2 patch?

For the records, in the backend, Perceval is currently retrieving that field in the approvals array for a Gerrit change under value, as Kibana's "Discover" shows.

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There is a patch at :

In a nutshell, for each changeset, the last approval value that meets the conditions below is retrieved and added to the enriched item as status_value.

  • the approval is not of type Verified
  • the patchset author must be different from the approver

Reporting progress on the backend here:
Looking at (url:""), comparing with one can see the approval_value changing over time:

Now to sort out having this in the frontend and being able to filter on it; wondering if there is a better approach than T224755#5227113.

Quoting Bitergia folks:

[...] there will be a new field status_value showing the latest status of each changeset. From that, you could do such splitting by filtering in NEW changesets and then focusing on status_value.
It is also possible to specify filters at bucket level, so you can then define things like:

  • NEW (+1)
  • NEW (-1)
  • Merged
  • ...