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useless autopromotion at every request
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AbuseFilter seems to be running quite expensive (relatively) autopromotion code for every request, that involves RPC:

 4.3        > AbuseFilterHooks::onGetAutoPromoteGroups
57.4         > memcached::get

0.000427 3.5 < memcached::get
0.000714 0.0 < AbuseFilterHooks::onGetAutoPromoteGroups

I suggest doing it only when 'expensive' checks are done (e.g. preview, save and editform).

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Severity: normal
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Domas created this task.Sep 3 2009, 2:16 PM

that's the consequence of calling $user->getEffectiveGroups() everywhere, which checks implicit groups and autopromotions. Shall we extendend getEffectiveGroups with a $notABigDeal parameter?