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Turn function email addresses into groups
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Currently, function email addresses are handled as recipient maps. If they were proper groups, it would make it easier to:

  1. Add/remove members when needed
  2. Find users
  3. Change what certain groups can do in Gsuite

This only works with users in Gsuite, so a few function address will need to remain as recipient maps, namely those that go to volunteers.

Event Timeline

We tried this in T197864 and it didn't work well enough.

We tried this in T197864 and it didn't work well enough.

That was to specifically hav a shared collaborative inbox.

We also do this for styrelse where it works fine. Is there any reason to not use this for the others (valberedning, revisorer, drift, jobb etc.)? Was there an issue with replys not going to the whole group?

I don't think so. From memory most of the issues were related to the Group UI, so if you steer clear of that and stick with the Gmail UI I think it should be fine. It's also been a while since I looked at this so things may have improved or may improve in the future. Not something we should count on though.