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With product teams: begin software architecture consolidation
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Q4 goal as stated in BUOD update deck: "With product teams: begin software architecture consolidation."

This 'beginning' has been realized as advance planning and consultation with product teams to prepare for the launch of a data engineering program in Q1 2019/2020 that will carry out the software architecture consolidation.

Joint Consultations

  • Present draft roadmap, architecture vision, planned deliverables

Individual Consultations

  • Growth: GrowthExperiments MediaWiki extension
  • Readers Web: WikimediaEvents MediaWiki extension
  • Readers Web: ReadingDepth EventLogging schema
  • Android: Instrumentation architecture and stewardship
  • Android: and various funnels
  • iOS: Instrumentation architecture and stewardship
  • iOS: EventLoggingService.swift and various funnels
  • Editing: Instrumentation strategy and software review