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Add new schema tables as public views in labs
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[...] you need cloud services team (@Bstorm and @Andrew ) to update the views (which first needs a patch in puppet in modules/profile/templates/labs/db/views/maintain-views.yaml) then gets by cloud services team but I think the tables need to at least exist in production.

Add views for the normalized schema tables in replicas to allow access to them on labs.


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Change 514411 had a related patch set uploaded (by Alaa Sarhan; owner: Alaa Sarhan):
[operations/puppet@production] Add new terms normalized schema tables as public 1:1 views in labs.

This cannot be done (should be moved to Stalled after review) before T225039 is done

alaa_wmde updated the task description. (Show Details)Jun 5 2019, 5:54 AM
alaa_wmde updated the task description. (Show Details)Jun 5 2019, 11:45 AM

Tables are on production now.. this is waiting on Cloud Services team review

Bstorm added a subscriber: Bawolff.Jun 19 2019, 5:33 PM

I have zero context regarding what these tables are from reading back in the tickets. @Bawolff (or someone else? I've been asking you on a lot of these tickets), can I get confirmation that these tables are entirely public without filters?

I just don't know what they are 😄

Bstorm added a subscriber: JHedden.Jun 19 2019, 5:33 PM

Those are just the refactored wb_terms table that is already provided. See T221764 which I happened to be looking at earlier today :-)

Ahah! Thank you. It makes sense now. We'll get on it!

So these tables are not yet on the replicas, however the scripts we use to expose views will just skip the tables that aren't there until they are. Validating the patch and all locally, and then I'll merge it. Once merged, it won't do anything until the tables are on the replicas and then WMCS runs the script manually.

It should be in production replicas if that's what you mean. I added them yesterday.

I mean I just checked and don't see the underlying tables on labsdb1009 (rather specifically). Are they in all wiki dbs or just a couple that I should verify?

it's only on wikidatawiki (s8) and testwikidatawiki (s3). Nothing else should have it. I hope my patch reached the sanitarium nodes

Oh! Ok. I see it there on those dbs. So disregard what I said. We can get that out shortly.

Change 514411 merged by Bstorm:
[operations/puppet@production] Add new terms normalized schema tables as public 1:1 views in labs.

It still needs the script run against the DBs before you'll see them in cloud services.

Bstorm closed this task as Resolved.Jun 19 2019, 10:00 PM

All set!