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"JobExecutor not loaded" error for BounceHandlerJob on
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Exception from line 68 of /srv/mediawiki/rpc/RunSingleJob.php:

JobExecutor not loaded for job:
{ "database":"labswiki",


Some kinds of user actions on Wikitech wiki are presumably not working as intended.


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Wikitech should not be using kafka job queue at all per T192361#4139799

In mediawiki-config we set wmgUseClusterJobqueue to false for wikitech, thus it should be using the JobQueueDB. Plus we set the wikitech group to send events of TYPE_NONE - which means no events should be produced, so no jobs should get into kafka even if the queue is incorrect.

Something is clearly not working as expected, will investigate.

I think the root cause is the same as T208922: PHP Fatal Error: Class undefined: JobExecutor (jobrunners try to run labswiki jobs), namely T208922#4766050 (global config problems when spawning inter-wiki jobs). It's just that now we detect the case when JobExecutor is not loaded instead of bluntly crashing.

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