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Prometheus logs showing errors for routinator
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I noticed lots of error in the Prometheus logs related to routinator. it appears something may have broke on 2019-06-03 18:00

The error i see is

Jun  5 06:44:51 prometheus1003 prometheus@ops[2846]: level=warn ts=2019-06-05T06:44:51.459382635Z caller=scrape.go:835 component="scrape manager" scrape_pool=routinator target=http://rpki1001:9556/metrics msg="append failed" err="invalid metric type \"\""

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Data collection stopped after the upgrade to Routinator 0.4.0:

ayounsi@rpki1001:~$ curl localhost:9556/metrics
# HELP valid_roas number of valid ROAs seen
# TYPE valid_roas gauge
valid_roas{tal="apnic"} 2940
valid_roas{tal="ripe"} 9929
valid_roas{tal="afrinic"} 289
valid_roas{tal="lacnic"} 2338
valid_roas{tal="arin"} 4800

# HELP vrps_total total number of VRPs seen
# TYPE vrps_total gauge
vrps_total{tal="apnic"} 20425
vrps_total{tal="ripe"} 54026
vrps_total{tal="afrinic"} 425
vrps_total{tal="lacnic"} 6598
vrps_total{tal="arin"} 6250

# HELP last_update_start seconds since last update started
# TYPE gauge
last_update_start 2014

# HELP last_update_duration duration in seconds of last update
# TYPE gauge
last_update_duration 39

# HELP last_update_done seconds since last update finished
# TYPE gauge
last_update_done 1975

# HELP serial current RTR serial number
# TYPE gauge
serial 34

I don't know enough of Prometheus, but if the issue is from Routinator I can open a ticket upstream.

Yes that looks like an error on routinator side, you can also use promtool check rules to see what prometheus makes of that

prometheus1003:~$ curl -s http://rpki1001:9556/metrics  | promtool check metrics
error while linting: text format parsing error in line 31: unexpected end of input stream

my hunch is a missing newline at the end of file.

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Unrelated to the issue at hand, but I'd also recommend upstream to prefix metrics with routinator_ so it is clear where they are coming from

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Fixed with the latest upgrade of Routinator