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[AMC] Reduce margin below Article/Discussion tabs
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There is a gap between the underline below the active tab and the light gray separator line. We tried to deal with this issue when we initially released the feature but there were too many moving parts so we decided to revisit it later.


es.m.wikipedia.org_wiki_Estaci%C3%B3n_de_Chemin_d%27Antony(iPhone 6_7_8).png (1×750 px, 111 KB)
es.m.wikipedia.org_wiki_Estaci%C3%B3n_de_Chemin_d%27Antony(iPhone 6_7_8) (1).png (1×750 px, 111 KB)

update the margin on .minerva__tab to margin: 0 10px -1px 0;

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Change 524756 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jdrewniak; owner: Jdrewniak):
[mediawiki/skins/MinervaNeue@master] Reduce margin below article/discussion tabs.

Change 524756 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/skins/MinervaNeue@master] Reduce margin below article/discussion tabs.

Looks great 😍

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looks good, resolving!