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Need a Google Organisation to setup Google OAuth login on photo uploader to Commons
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Google drive to Commons was a Wikimania-Hackathon-2019 project to allow Google logged in users to directly upload photos from their Google drive to Wikimedia Commons. The app is deployed currently in

However, to make it public (specially to get the Google app verified), Google has mentioned the following:

In addition, you will need to associate your project with your organization by following the steps below:

1. If you have not already done so, create an Organization by following the Quickstart Using Organizations instructions [].
2. Migrate the project into the organization you created as shown in Migrating Existing Projects into the Organization. []

Currently, the app is not connected to an Organization and built under my ( Google Console view.

Is there a way that we can create a Google Organization for Wikimedia Tool labs and test projects that can be reused later for all OAuth logins on trusted apps running on the Wikimedia cluster ?

@srishakatux thoughts ? shows that the basic plan is 6 USD per month for an organization. We might just need one user so this is good enough.

More detailed response from Google:

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Argh... restoring .

Basically: Is this possible? Does this make sense? If both, who to sort out budget?

Argh... restoring .
Basically: Is this possible? Does this make sense? If both, who to sort out budget?

If I'm reading the response from Google pasted at correctly, I think that attaching the app to a Organization account will make it such that only Google accounts that are attached to the same Org account will be able to use it. They seem to be saying that your landing page needs to have more information about what the app does and why for them to approve it for public use. Seems reasonable to me since the current UI only says "Upload your photos from Google Drive to Wikimedia Commons!" and nothing else about why you would do this and what the implications are.

There are more details on the Google side of this process at

The app probably also needs the disclaimer from to be more prominent. I see it is used in, but the TOU states that this information must be shown to the user before collecting private data, not just available via some URL.

Good one @bd808. I missed that the In addition, part was an addition to in-org use case.

I will update the ToC and other things and lets see if we make it through. At this point, I will close this task as invalid then.

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