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Enable templatestyles in Modern for "document" rules
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There are a batch of rules in Modern main.css starting with #mw_content a.external { and continuing to

#mw_content a.external[ href$='.pdf' ],
#mw_content a.external[ href$='.PDF' ],
#mw_content a.external[ href*='.pdf#' ],
#mw_content a.external[ href*='.PDF#' ],
#mw_content a.external[ href*='.pdf?' ],
#mw_content a.external[ href*='.PDF?' ],
.link-document {
	/* @embed */
	background: url( images/document.png ) center right no-repeat;
	padding-right: 12px;

which should probably reference .mw-parser-output instead of #mw_content, so that TemplateStyles can reasonably override the default styling. All/the majority of the other skins had this change made. It should be backward compatible with wiki-defined values simply to swap #mw_content 1:1 with .mw-parser-output, as the wiki-defined values will still be more specific.

Discussion arose in the context of Help talk:CS1.

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