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Componentize MobileFrontend
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NOTE: this epic and many of its subtasks are drafts and should be considered work in progress until resolution or this notice is removed.

We have found it's difficult to build good components in the MobileFrontend client. Since components are the building blocks of features, we think that better components will help us build better software for users. This epic tracks identifying the most common componentization problems in MobileFrontend and their resolution.

The effort will be broken into:

This work is part of the MobileFrontend architecture investment project for 2019-2020, the Readers Web team’s concerted effort to resolve major technical limitations in the mobile site by iteratively refactoring while continuously deploying shippable code.

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Resolving this ticket. We will migrate MobileFrontend to wvui (eventually). I'm tracking this in this ticket: T281930