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After global blocking, user is sent to (instead send user to Special:GlobalBlock/<blocked IP>)
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Author: mike.lifeguard+bugs

Hello, normally with blocking, one is sent to something like however for globalblocking, you are sent to, which is the main page. Please use a query string for the success (or failure?) message like local blocking.

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It is just without a query string, but the page provides info still.

Hazard-SJ, do you mean that this report is invalid or "works for me"?

I'm only saying that although the user may be sent to, the relevant details are still present. I would like to see a "nicer" URL for that, however, so though this isn't a major problem, it would be good to have it "fixed".

There is a suggestion in bug 36834 to exit to Special:GlobalBlock/$ip.

Basically if you have a series of blocks to do, having to back out of a dead end page is a PITA. Some variation of the form page is highly desirable, be it a blank form, or the form with the last block action. Can I say that I know that it is a low traffic page as it is only stewards, we are deserving of the occasional hug <small violin plays in background>

  • Bug 36834 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Chris or James: is there a way to get this bug prioritized a bit? It's a nasty workflow issue for stewards and this bug is getting old. It should fairly easy to fix the behavior here.

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I95e2bc2e00244333fb553aba0703e113f7a38518)

Change 59751 merged by jenkins-bot:
Set the GlobalBlock form to submit to the special page