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User research about small wikis, section translation and mobile translation
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As part of the Language annual plan (T225298), we want to help small wikis to grow with translation. In order to do so, we want to expand the current support for translatio to to allow the translation of article sections on mobile and desktop.

We want to understand the needs for the selected wikis and evaluate the potential of our initial ideas. User research can help to answer the research questions below (as part of one or several studies):

  • Which is the role of translation (using ContentTranslation or not) for content creation in small wikis? Which are the barriers that prevent users in these wikis to use Content translation more frequently to create new content?
  • Which is the role and potential of mobile as a platform for contributing translations? Which are the barriers that prevent users from translating (and contribute in their language in general) more often from their phone?
  • Which is the potential for section translation as an effective way to expand existing articles? Is the notion of expanding their local content by translating a section (on desktop and mobile) regarded as a meaningful and useful activity?

The researcher working on this will review the questions above, define a plan to answer them, and conduct the research activities to get the answers. An early research proposal was drafted in this area. Coordination may be needed to make sure that the designed prototypes (T225301) are useful to obtain the desired information from users.

The selected set of Wikipedias is:

  • Malayalam
  • Bengali
  • Tagalog
  • Javanese
  • Mongolian

Specific research proposals

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The Epic tickets in the Language-research board provide a better overview of the current research initiatives. Closing this since a tracker ticket of epics just seems to add too much ticket hierarchy and maintenance.